Ganzeer is the pseudonym of an Egyptian artist operating mainly between graphic design and contemporary art since 2007. He is not an author, comicbook artist, installation artist, painter, speaker, street artist, or videographer, though he has assumed these roles in a number of places around the world. His art has been shown in Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Jordan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and the United States, as well as in myriad Cairo galleries.

Art in America Magazine has referred to Ganzeer’s work as “New Realism,” and the Huffington Post ranked him among “25 Street Artists from Around the World who are Shaking Up Public Art,” but Ganzeer rejects both labels and regards Bidoun magazine’s description of him as a “contingency artist” as probably the most accurate, but Ganzeer refers to his own practice as Concept Pop. has placed him on a list of "50 People Shaping the Culture of the Middle East" (2013), and he is also one of the protagonists in a critically acclaimed documentary “Art War” (2014) by German director Marco Wilms.

Ganzeer is currently hanging around Brooklyn, New York. His email address is shout (at)


Why Egypt’s Revolutionary Spirit is Still Alive: A Conversation with Ganzeer - by Marianne Roux


If you take an interest in the street art scene in the Arab world, you surely must have heard about Ganzeer. The Guardian has described him as a major player in an emerging “counter culture art scene”, Al Monitor has placed him on a list of 50 people “shaping the culture of the Middle East” and last May the Huffington Post put him on its list of global street artists “shaking up public art”. Last but not least, this month he made the front page of  The New York Times Arts & Leisure supplement. At 32 years old, this is a pretty impressive résumé for any budding artist…

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Carlo McCormick, a critic and author of “Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art” (Taschen, 2010), puts Ganzeer in a tradition that includes notable street artists like Shepard Fairey and Banksy. “They have a defining style, but Ganzeer is working more as an activist than a muralist,” he said. “He’s more of a chameleon and adapts his visuals to the content.”

— Barbara Pollack, The New York Times – Online: July 10 / Print: July 13 (via ganzeer)

Top Left: Mythological Soldier – digital print & spray paint on canvas, 93 x 164 cm

Top Right: The Sickness / المرض – a collaboration with Sad Panda – House Paint and digital print on vinyl on wood, 96 x 210 cm

Bottom: No / لا – spray paint, house paint, and paint markers on wood, 237 x 108 cm

The three above pieces are the only ones remaining from my 2012 art show The Virus is Spreading. To purchase, please contact Mona Said of Safar Khan Gallery in Cairo, Egypt.

Ganzeer in his Cairo studio, April 2014 Cairo Review of Global Affairs, Summer 2014 Tank Versus Bread Biker, a mural by Ganzeer, Cairo, June 11, 2011. On the back cover of the Cairo Review's summer issue.


"Independence in its Truest Form”

The Cairo Review of Global Affairs' new issue explores the Mobility of Art. I don’t know what’s more exciting—our interview with Ai Weiwei or that the Egyptian artist Ganzeer has written a manifesto for the edition. As my boss Scott Macleod writes, “Ai and Ganzeer are artists of our globalized age, who transcend borders, cultures, and indeed our conventional ideas about art.”

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